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Wanna Play Linux Meetup

September 20, 2018

One OS to rule them all,
One OS to find them.
One OS to call them all,
And in salvation bind them.
In the bright land of Linux,
Where the hackers play.

These magnificent lines by J.Scott Thayer themselves exhibit the power and superiority of Linux over other pieces of softwares or to be more precise, kernels. Therefore, to provide the community members with an introduction to the Linux command line and the various basic commands of Linux, OSDC organized the “Wanna-Play-Linux Meetup” on 30th August 2018.

It started with an introductory talk by Himanshu Nailwal about the six stages of using Linux and some basic Linux commands. Adding to this, in order to make the learning process more interactive, a customised live disk was created which contained 11 levels, each of which contained a flag/password to the next level. The users had to find that flag using some basic commands like cat, ls -a, grep, find, tar etc. in order to navigate their way to the next level and ultimately to the end.

Bringing their hacking skills to the forefront, everyone and even the newcomers tried their best to decipher the flags level by level. This approach of learning by doing was highly appreciated by all the community members.

This wargame simulation was followed by a QnA session in which the community members clarified their various doubts regarding using Linux and its distros. The meetup finally ended with a lot of awesome stuff learnt and done.

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  • Other resources of this meetup can be found here.

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