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How to Open Source!

September 20, 2018

What is Open-Source?

How to start with Open-Source?

How to step into Open-Source Development?

These are some simple yet daunting questions that many people have in mind. Some question up while the rest don’t even care to understand it. And so, to remove this confusion or dilemma of the community members, a meetup was organized on the agenda “How to Open Source!” on 14th September 2018.

An integral part of organizing meetups is to make the community members interact and network with each other. So, the meetup started with an introduction part where participants had to introduce themselves and the technologies they were working on/interested to work on.

One can’t start contributing to any open-source organization without knowing about the principles on which the philosophy of open-source is built upon. So having done with the introduction, talks were given based on the way to interact in an open-source community, introduction to open-source organizations, contemporary importance of open-source development etc.

A successful strategy of open-source contributions which should be followed to start contributing to the organizations was also discussed according to which one has to start with the basics i.e. start with contributing to any typos/teensy errors in the documentation of an organization and then switch to pushing major changes.

Finally, a QnA round was held in which the community members asked questions regarding the hurdles they faced while doing open-source contributions.

The meetup finally ended with the announcement of the next meetup regarding “Introduction to Git/Github” since the month-long celebration of open-source software i.e.Hacktoberfest has finally arrived.

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